My Name is Joseph

Team Size: 5

Timeframe: 2 weeks (+2 weeks for the ETC Festival)

Platform: Oculus Touch

Role: Sound Designer, Narrative Designer, Live Event Theming

Prompt: Develop a game with a strong narrative

In this emotionally resonant Oculus Touch experience, you are an electrician hired to help fix the electric fence of a prison camp.  Your mission changes when you see a young boy trapped inside the camp, who beckons for your help.  Using the gestures of the Oculus Touch, signal to the boy on how to navigate and escape the camp without being seen by the guards.

This world was selected to be part of the annual ETC Festival, which included the construction of a themed room and more polish on the virtual experience.

In addition to developing music and sound effects as the sound designer, I also took lead on narrative on story development for this project, which culminated in the My Name is Joseph Storyboard.

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