Alien Muscle Training

In Jesse Schell’s Game Design class, our prompt was to create a game that heavily utilizes dice.  I wanted to explore the idea of turning something ordinary we do in our lives into a dice game.

In Alien Muscle Training, you and your opponent choose from a selection of alien characters to play as. You will then undergo muscle strength training programs. Each alien has muscle that correspond to six of the major muscle groups of the human body. Though, because the characters are aliens, their anatomies range very differently. Players alternate turns rolling dice to build up strength in the groups.

Players will draw cards that ask players to build up strength in specific groups, and players must complete the challenges in these cards to get points.  However, if players go over the maximum amount of strength capable in a given muscle group, that muscle group will become torn and then the player must undergo further challenges to restore that group.

In addition, players can roll a die to build up “brain strength” to acquire “brain boosts” which serve as items for the game.

Players play until the agreed-upon turn limit is complete.

Full-scale documentation can be viewed here (turn to page 26 for the final ruleset):

Alien Muscle Training.