I have been interested in the entertainment industry all my life, particularly in the art of storytelling. Whether it be in literature, film, theatre, or video games, the aspect that draws us in is the narrative. And my goal in creating narratives is to create stories that give people an outlet to feel their emotions, even if it may be difficult in life.

I studied mechanical engineering as an undergraduate at Princeton as I was always gifted in science, but also completed a certificate program in film studies, during which I directed two student films, following the passion for creating that I always had.

I recently completed my Masters in Entertainment Technology (MET) at the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).  At CMU, I have worked on collaborative, interdisciplinary project teams in various roles, including that of sound designer, narrative designer, producer, and writer.

I am now looking to translate those skills into passionate projects and work with as many talented people as I can.

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